About me? Many photographers write of being a professional. I am unsure of what a 'pro' is...and really don't think about it very much, other than wonder if they carry a card stating that they are one. I could tell you how many years I have stood in back of a camera and I could tell you how many mountains I have climbed or how many miles I have wandered, but that really says little about me.

I have completed my career in a world that keeps demanding more...I ran and finished that race...now I wander. I free my heel and my soul follows and I take photos along the way. It is not complex, it is merely fun and refreshes my spirit.

John Muir wrote "Keep close to Nature's heart and break away once in awhile and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your Spirit clean". My wanderings do that for me...that is what I am about.


Bourbon really does taste better in a tin cup